In 2010, eight years after my near-death experience, I was still struggling emotionally, living paycheck to paycheck, and feeling like I still wasn’t a version of myself that I liked. 

I was working as a hotel manager, and by everyone else’s standards, was quite successful in my job. But most days, I found myself angry and stressed out.

I was remarried and a mom to two beautiful teenage daughters. I should have been enjoying life. Instead, I was feeling guilty for not being the best mom and wife I could be.

My life had improved in some ways but I kept thinking, what is wrong with me?

I didn’t know.

I was stuck. 

This was just the way life was.

At the time, I couldn’t see any other options. 

Can you relate?

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.

The owners of the hotel I worked for sold the business, and my already stressful job became unbearable with the transition to new ownership.

That’s when I decided I had to make a change. I couldn’t continue living this way.

I couldn’t see it or understand it at the time, but my life was being course corrected. 

This was my wakeup call #2.

And I finally became motivated to explore my options and take action.

This was the catalyst that pushed me out of my comfort zone to open my first franchise. I became an entrepreneur and it changed my life. 

Stepping into being a business owner pushed me to grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Instead of receiving a regular paycheck, my performance determined my livelihood. I had to become a new and better version of myself, so I dug into personal development to uplevel. 

It became a way of life.

I didn’t realize the significance of my personal growth then, but I was becoming ME… someone I now love, respect, and cherish.

Being our true and genuine self is the only way to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.  

Now, after years of working with clients and students, I can tell you the most common blocks people have to their own success and happiness are:

  • Not recognizing their own worth and value
  • People pleasing or trying to live up to other peoples’ standards and expectations
  • Letting go of old patterns so they can embrace a new way of being

My business and expertise is helping people align with who they truly are, recognize their innate value, and clear the blocks that are holding them back so they can step into who they want to become.

Meet Kristi, owner of 6-11 Crystals and Energy Healing in La Crosse, WI. She went from selling crystals out of home in July 2020 to creating a six-figure business in just 18-months!

“The deep and powerful healing that happened during my sessions with Nedra has given me purpose, strengthened my marriage, and allowed me to step into life with much less stress and much more joy. It helped shape the success of my business far beyond my expectations,and has impacted all aspects of my life. 

I’m over 50 and life is better than ever. I’m at an age where a lot of people think they just have to live with their choices and I’m opening doors to new adventures, goals, and dreams all the time. I have literally never been happier.” ~ Kristi

You can create your own success story just like Kristi did. There is nothing more valuable in life than knowing your worth and finding happiness. CLICK HERE to access the free guide ‘5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself to Redefine Your Future’ and get on the past to creating your best life.

Don’t let another day pass you by feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Schedule your complimentary ‘Redefine Your Future’ session today and start creating a brighter future for yourself. Spots are limited, claim yours today! Schedule your session HERE!

Life is full of infinite possibilities.  Explore yours today.

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